It all started here...

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

From day one we knew we had to create something that was fun to play at its core. We knew that if we accomplished that one thing the rest would fall into place. This took weeks of brainstorming. A lot of notebooks. Memories of what made the other games stand out to us, and what made us want to play those games again.

I knew the game needed to have interaction with the players, from the players and from the game it's self. This gives the game a bit more life. (didn't want it to feel stale)

So after many, many different ideas and a few neat glasses of whiskey. It finally came to me. I finally had my base for the game. I knew that I loved to play games that had something against something, weapons that would give you the upper hand, gear that would protect. what? That still didn't answer the call of making the game feel alive. What was the missing piece? Then it hit me after a week or so, I needed the randomizer and that was going to be the thing that brought the game to life! These were called ACTION cards!

With the wire frame of the structure of the game in my head and on 5 different notebooks, it was time to start putting it together!

So we started with a lot of post-its. We mean a lot. 

Here are some of the photos from that!

Oh, yeah. Then we needed something to attach them to so we could play them like cards. Thank you to Magic The Gathering Lands!

Then came the fun / frustrating part about how would this all play out? Whelp, back to the brainstorming session. I don't want to get to into how we were able to figure it out and that's mostly because that part is being used for a different game in development now!

What I can tell you is that it involved dice, attack values, defense values, piles of cards, and no real way to know who the hell would go next.

Well it finally came to us when we were testing out gameplay while drinking. It was way to complicated! Needed to be simple and clear.

To be continued...