Ah, the shipping. Look we're not Amazon. Not even close. We are humans, Unicorns, and Zombies. We get it. Cheaper shipping is always better.  We are constantly checking for cheaper ways to ship to you.  When we find it, we will update the site. We do our best to ship out as soon as we can. If you've not received your package yet, let us know on the contact page. DON'T USE THE EMAIL BELOW. 


If you're a shipping company and want to help out, hit us up: 


At this time we're unable to refund purchases of the game or supporting content of the game. If you've received a damaged product, we will replace it with the same thing! 



Enamel Pin Purchases are final. 

Clothing purchases may be returned if the size is wrong or damaged. Allow up to 7 business days from time item has been received. If you mail it back we suggest confirmation. The postal service(s) can be shady peeps.